Friday, 5 July 2013

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans

Busy, busy, busy!

Those that have read my blog regularly will be aware that my regular weekly postings have recently been neither regular and weekly.

There has been a significant increase in time pressures recently. I started my new job at the beginning of June; with earlier starts and an additional 1:30 commute time. We've also had some very busy (and expensive) weekends recently. And to state the obvious, as I've now entered the peak phase of my training plan, therefore, my training load is quite significant.

I won't shy away from saying that I'm finding it tough at the moment. Nobody said it would be easy, but man alive I didn't think it would be this hard.

But having said that my training is going well, and is reaping rewards. After the disappointment of missing my target time at Cotswold 113 by 4 minutes last year, I was determined to go under 5:30 this year. My swim was as expected, I had a good ride and was strong on the run; this culminated in a race time of 5:13. This has obviously put me in a great mindset for Ironman Wales.

Loading up the miles with my long rides are somewhere in the region of 4 hours, with my long runs at about 2 hours. With the after effects not being any worse than you'd expect, apart from the occasional attack of cramp.

The title of this blog is a lyric from Beautiful Boy by John Lennon, quite apt I thought, so here it is for your delectation

My training status as at 30 June looked very much like this

Cumulative summary as at Week 20
Activity Actual Time Planned Time Variance +/- Percentage
Swim 51:33 49:00 +2:33 23%
Bike 90:28 93:30 -3:02 40%
Run 66:37 70:30 -3:53 29%
Other 18:20 15:00 +3:20 8%
Total 226:58 228:00 -1:02

Overall, my training isn't too far away from the plan, despite not being able to hit all my sessions. My primary goal is to make sure I hit all the bike sessions, and this has been achieved, with the shortfall of hours being 2 hours trimmed off what has to be the wettest  windiest ride I've ever been on, suffice to say it was in Manchester, which pushes Swansea for being the wettest city in Britain.

Until next time...