Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Week 17

I started my new job on Monday (I could tell you what it is, but then I'd have to kill you). This coincided with the commencement of my new training plan.

Monday's evening session was a swim session comprising of a main set of 4 x 200m, 6 x 100m, 3 x 50m. I felt really strong during the set, I'm not sure if this is the benefit of the first single session day or it's the product of the gains that are being made.

Continuing on a theme, training on Tuesday consisted of a single session; a 60 minute run which included 3 x 6 minute Z4 segments. 

Oooof! That was a tough session on Wednesday evening, 75 minutes on the turbo with 6 x 5 minute intervals.

Flew through the brick session on Thursday evening, the fact this 45/15 session feels like a quick blast implies my head must be in the right place, as well as getting fitter and faster.

Made the most of a four day week and made the most of a sunny day. Went on a lovely 87.5km ride, taking in the same route as a couple of weeks ago. Pace was a little down on the last but this could be partially explained by the traffic congestion - but not all. The brick run was also slower than recent runs too. As part of the big day, I finished off with a swim consisting of a main set of 16 x 25m, 600m pull, 16 x 25m.

You know that lovely weather we had this weekend, well I spent it mostly in the car. We went to a party celebrating my wifescousinshusbands 40th birthday in Manchester.

My run on Friday was from Frodsham to Murdishaw. It was a little slower than usual as I had to keep on checking Google Maps to make sure I was going the right way.

The party was great fun, but this meant drinking far too much and getting to bed way too late. So when I got up at 7:30 I wasn't best prepared for the run, which showed in the resultant speeds. We stayed in Trafford Park, so that was where I based the run.

A combination of new work hours and travelling over the weekend meant that missed out on one of the swim sessions and the strength & core set.


Summary of Week 17
Activity Actual Time Planned Time Variance +/- Percentage
Swim 2:33 3:00 -0:27 19%
Bike 6:40 6:30 +0:10 50%
Run 4:07 4:00 +0:07 31%
Other 0:00 0:45 -0:45 0%
Total 13:20 14:15 -0:55

Even though there were dropped sessions this week I'm still pleased that my bike plan is still on course, as I feel this is were the gains (or losses) will be made.

Cumulative Summary
Activity Actual Time Planned Time Variance +/- Percentage
Swim 46:09 41:00 +5:09 25%
Bike 73:34 73:30 +0.04 39%
Run 53:47 58:00 -4:13 28%
Other 16:36 12:45 +3:48 9%
Total 190:06 185:15 +4:48

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