Sunday, 2 June 2013

Week 16

Double bubble of a rest day sitting on a Bank Holiday Monday, that is quite a pleasant way to spend a day after such a big week last week.

I've orchestrated a one week holiday before starting my new job, so that means a nice relaxing week right? Not on your nelly. Half term holiday has meant that I'm shuffling my training around child care needs.

Tuesday morning was the first day of my 'unemployment' so getting up at 6 o'clock wasn't in the plan, but that's what I did. A double session of a 60 minute run (with 5 x 3 minute Z4 efforts), followed by a swim session, the main set being 500m, 400m, 300m, 200m. My legs feeling very heavy at the start of the swim.

Wednesday morning, I was in the gym as usual. I've realised my least favourite exercise is the leg press.

Took advantage of doing my brick session in the afternoon, 45 minutes on the turbo with a 15 minute run around the top of Mortgage Mountain.

Up early on Thursday morning to kick it off with a tough 60 minute turbo session with 5 x 5 minute Z4 segments. 

After going to the LC pool with Ang and the boys (I tried to convince myself this counted as a swim set). I did a 3km swim time trial, I was very happy with my time of 1:01:45, which is over 3 minutes faster than 2 weeks ago. 

My erstwhile colleagues were throwing me a leaving bash on Friday afternoon, which meant I had to get my training done in the morning. I doubled up again with a run/swim session. The run was 60 minutes with a 10 minute Z4 blast, which was followed up with the usual 3km session, with the main set being 7 x 125m, 7 x 75m.

Suffice to say I drank far too much in the afternoon, apparently I was annoyingly drunk (according to Ang, and she is clearly an expert on such matters). However, this didn't stop me from getting up in the morning and going fro my 90 minute run. I took the long way round to collect the car, I took it easy at 5:30 kms. 

This was followed up with a 45 minute spin out on the turbo.

My long ride on Sunday was 3 hours, and took in the substantial climb from the Neath valley to the Swansea valley. 

I just let the gears take the strain and span my way up.


Summary of Week 16
Activity Actual Time Planned Time Variance +/- Percentage
Swim 3:14 3:00 +0:14 23%
Bike 5:31 5:30 +0:01 40%
Run 4:20 4:15 +0:05 31%
Other 0:46 0:45 +0:01 6%
Total 13:50 13:30 +0:20

Another good week of training, and the last of the standard format, before starting my new job

Cumulative Summary
Activity Actual Time Planned Time Variance +/- Percentage
Swim 43:36 38:00 +5:36 25%
Bike 66:54 67:00 -0.06 38%
Run 49:40 54:00 -4:20 28%
Other 16:36 12:00 +4:36 9%
Total 176:46 171:00 +5:46


  1. I love this blog, really inspirational and the data can't lie ;) When life throws shit at you Rich you have the remarkable ability to come up smelling of roses. In an incredibly difficult economic climate, I am so very proud of you x

  2. You words are so very kind, thank you so very much