Monday, 27 May 2013

Ironman Training pt II - When training plans go wrong

For those that have been paying attention I've now completed 15 weeks of my 30 week training plan. And, for those who are mathematically challenged that's halfway.

I start my new job next week, the good news is that I'll be working a 4 day week, however the price to pay is that I'll be starting work at 7:30.

The obvious position is now I will be unable to train before work in the morning. This is a shame, as I really enjoy getting my working day kicked off with a training session.

The intensity of an Ironman training plan means that I'm currently training in the morning and the evening; my standard training week looks something like this

The impact of my new working hours means that I'll now have to amend this plan to look something like this

The major points to note in the revised plan are

  • It still includes all of the sessions of the previous plan
  • There are no rest days
I've got a few reservations regarding the new plan, but unfortunately my new working hours mean that I don't really have an option. The obvious issue is the fact that there is no longer a rest/recovery day; another problem I'll experience is that there is little scope to move sessions around to accommodate the curve balls that life throws our way.

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